Conséquences of the future EU regulation on pig carcass classification

Gérard Daumas et Mathieu Monziols, 63e International Congress of Meat Science and Technology, Cork, Irlande, 13-18 août 2017, p. 277-278

The aim of this paper was to evaluate the main consequences of the change of the EU regulation on pig carcass classification, in particular the change of the reference lean meat percentage (LMP). A sample of 29 pigs was selected in two abattoirs and stratified according to sex (50% castrated males and 50% females). The left half carcasses as well as the four main cuts were scanned by computed tomography (CT). All cuts were then dissected. CT images were thresholded in order to determine lean meat. The future reference (LP in the carcass) will be 2.8% lowe rthan the present one (LMP in the fourmain cuts), i.E. about 1.7 percentage points. The French CT procedure could be fitted via a multiplicative factor of 0.965. This procedure is robust to the main factors - sex, genotype, fatness - influencing the classification. This would allow to use this scaling factor without new dissections for the future trials for approval of classification methods in France. It could be used too in other countries interested in this CT procedure.