Controlling the microbiological quality of fresh sausages with reduced nitrite content by means of biopreservation

Carole Feurer et al., 3rd International Symposium on Fermented Meat (ISFM), Clermont-Ferrand, 27-29 septembre 2017, poster

Potassium and sodium nitrite (E249 and E250) are used as preservatives and added to meat products to allow, amongst others, the development of the pink color specific to cured meat products. Because nitrite is a co-carcinogen molecule, some disparage its use in food processing, and rules are currently under review to reduce their amount in meat products. This study aimed at preparing craftsmen pork butchers for the coming shift in rules, by offering tools to keep microbiological quality of fresh sausages under control, without altering their organoleptic attributes. Here we considered the use of biopreservation to achieve this goal.