Impact of PCV2 co-infection on replication level of a field vaccine-like PRRSV-1 strain

Julie Eclercy (Anses) et al., 11th European Symposium of Porcine Management (ESPHM), 22-23-24 mai 2019, Utrecht, Pays-Bas

In pig herds, PRRSV is often associated with PCV2, this co-infection being one key factor leading to postweaning multisystemic wasting syndrome (PMWS). Worryingly, association of a PRRSV modified live vaccine of Type 2 (MLV2) with PCV2 infection was also shown to induce PMWS.
In a French pig farm presenting a clinical presentation of PMWS, we identified a MLV1-like strain in coinfection with PCV2. Through an in vivo experiment, we aimed at evaluating the impact of PCV2 co-infection on virulence level of these MLV1-like and parental MLV1 strains.