Rendez-vous le 15 septembre à la conférence virtuelle en anglais de IPEMA : « Practical solutions to the issue of piglet castration »

La réunion finale en anglais du groupe IPEMA sur les solutions pratiques à l’abandon de la castration des porcelets aura lieu mardi 15 septembre 2020 de 10h à 12h.
Pour s’inscrire gratuitement :

The meeting will take place on Tuesday 15th September 2020, 10-12h. Registration to the 2 hour meeting is free. Further to participating in the meeting, registration gives you access to a questions/answers forum and more detailed information on the available practical solutions.

Aims of the meeting : Scientists representing the IPEMA group share their views on practical solutions to the issue of piglet castration.

Virtual meeting on Tuesday 15th September 2020, 10-12h 

Part 1 (10:00-10:45): 6 short presentations from IPEMA leading scientists

  • Topics and questions relevant for farmers, slaughterhouses, meat processors, retailers, consumers, citizens and policy makers (Ulrike Weiler, Germany and Michel Bonneau, France)
  • How can we manage pork quality at production level? (Catherine Larzul, France and Giuseppe Bee, Switzerland).
  • How can we manage pork quality at slaughter and processing levels? (Maria Font I Furnols, Spain and Martin Škrlep, Slovenia)
  • How can we manage animal welfare? (Eberhard von Borell, Germany)
  • Is the market ready? (Gé Backus, Netherlands)
  • Are consumers open to it? (Marijke Aluwé, Belgium)

Part 2 (10:45-11:15): Panel discussion with stakeholders (moderated by Daniel Mörlein, Germany and Gé Backus, Netherlands)

Part 3 (11:15-12:00): Questions and Answers
More detailed information will be sent to registered participants ahead of the meeting - Registered participants may ask questions in advance using a Padlet platform. All relevant questions will receive an answer in writing from IPEMA scientists directly on the Padlet platform. Selected questions will be answered orally during part 3 of the meeting.

How to participate?

Register, using the form available at ?  - Registration is free - Registered participants will receive within a few days after registration, a link to the Padlet platform to enter their questions a few days before the meeting on Tuesday 15th September 2020
(a link to the Zoom conference -> More detailed information on the issue of alternatives to piglet castrations from the point of view of Breeding and Genetics, Nutrition, Management & Housing, Meat Quality, Processing Industry, Consumer & Market...)

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