In vitro characterization of the ability of Yersinia enterocolitica BT4 to colonize pigs and stainless steel surfaces

Pierre Raymond et al., 12th SAFEPORK, 21-24 août 2017, Foz do Iguassu, Brésil, poster

Y. enterocolitica is the third bacterial cause of human enteritis in Europe (1). The biotype 4 (BT4) is the biotype the most frequently isolated from both pigs and clinical yersiniosis (2, 3). The ability of BT4 strains to infect humans may depend on their capability to colonize pigs and to develop biofilm on conventional materials used in food industries.
This study investigated the use of two in vitro tests to assess the ability of BT4 strains, to adhere and invade intestinal pig cells (IPEC-J2) and to adhere to stainless steel surfaces.