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Precision feeding – tomorrow’s tool for cutting feed costs

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Individualized feeding of grower-finisher pigs should help reduce feed wastage by getting closer to the needs of each pig. This type of system has just been set up at the Romillé experimental pig farm in northwest France.

« Highlights » : The Ifip has just fitted its Romillé experimental pig farm with automatic feeders delivering individualized rations to grower–finisher pigs. This system – following a performance development phase – will be tested to assess the potential feed efficiency gains.

First results due at year-end The first batch of pigs was used to engineer and calibrate the device. The next batch will be used to compare multiphase individualized feeding against a dual-phase-type mean ration-based feed input. Two successive batches will be scheduled in to get the first results out at year-end. These trials are to be led under the Ademe-sponsored Reacctif projects tender.

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