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New insights into the chemical reactivity of dry-cured fermented sausages: Focus on nitrosation, nitrosylation and oxidation

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Aline Bonifacie (Ifip/Inrae) et al., Foods, 2021, volume 10, n° 4, avril, 15 pages

Nitrite and nitrate are added to cured meat for their bacteriological, technological and sensorial properties. However, they are suspected to be involved in the formation of nitroso compounds (NOCs), such as potentially mutagenic nitrosamines, nitrosylheme and nitrosothiols. Controlling the sanitary and sensorial qualities of cured meat products by reducing these additives requires elucidating the mechanisms involved in the formation of NOCs. To this end, we studied the dose-response relationship of added sodium nitrite and/or sodium nitrate (0/0, 80/80, 0/200, and 120/120 ppm) on the formation of NOCs in dry cured fermented sausages. The results showed a basal heme iron nitrosylation in the absence of NaNO2/NaNO3 due to starter cultures. This reaction was promoted by the addition of NaNO2/NaNO3 in the other conditions. Reducing the dose to 80/80 ppm still limits lipid oxidation without the formation of non-volatile nitrosamines. Conversely, the addition of NO2/NO3 slightly increases protein oxidation through higher carbonyl content. The use of 80/80 ppm could be a means of reducing these additives in dry-cured fermented meat products.

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